When will you be releasing more tickets?

All tickets have been released. No additional tickets will be opened once sold out.

Why was my ticket returned if I did not make a refund request?

You may have:

1. Purchased a student ticket without a student email address.

2. Purchased a HBS affiliate ticket without verifying that you are an HBS affiliate with a HBS email address.

3. Not responded to our inquiry regarding the appropriate ticket type for your purchase.

Feel free to follow up if you have questions or concerns.

Do I have to enter in the registration information of someone else if I am purchasing on his/her behalf?

Yes. Each attendee is required to enter in his/her own registration details so we can create name badges and other registration related items. Please update each ticket with the right information if any have been filled out incorrectly.

What if I entered the wrong registration information on my ticket? Can I update it?

Yes. Please visit this link which explains how to update your information.

Can I purchase a student ticket if I am not currently enrolled as a full-time student?

No. Only current students registering with valid student email addresses (.edu) are allowed to purchase student tickets. If you register without a student email address, your ticket will be returned. Student ticket holders will also be required to show a current student ID with photo at registration. Those who fail to provide identification will not be admitted entry.

If you are a student but do not have a school-issued (.edu) email address or student ID, then please contact hbsaasuclub@gmail.com to provide an alternative proof of registration (e.g., registration letter).

What days/times will the keynotes be speaking?

There will be three keynote slots - Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening. Please view the agenda for full details.

Can I sponsor the conference? If so, how can I find out more information?

Yes. Please submit your sponsorship inquiry through this link. Alternatively, you can find the same link via the conference website. Click on the word “Corporate Partner” at the top of the page to submit your question.

Do I have to attend Harvard Business School (HBS) or be a HBS alumnus to attend this conference?

No. Professionals and non-HBS students and alumni are welcome to attend!

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

All ticket sales are final.

How do I use my promo code?

On the eventbrite registration page, click the “Enter promotional code” hyperlink. A text box will appear for you to type in the code. Enter your promo code then click Apply.




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